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Monday, 28 November 2011

Healthy Fish curry

Healthy Fish curry
1. Fish – 8 to10 curry sized pieces ( I used 1.5 lbs of Seer Fish/Ney Meen)
2. Turmeric Powder – 1/4 tsp
3. Lemon Juice – 1 tbsp
4. Kudam Puli (Gambooge/Fish Tamarind/Malabar Tamarind) – 3 or 4 small pieces
5. Finely Sliced Shallots/Pearl Onions – 6 to 8
6. Slit Green Chillies – 4
7. Minced Ginger – 2 tbsp
8. Minced Garlic – 2 tbsp
9. Curry Leaves – A sprig
10. Fish Masala Powder – 2 tbsp
11. Kashmiri Chilly Powder – 1 tbsp
12. Coriander Powder – 1 tbsp
13. Fenugreek Powder (Uluva) – 1/4 tsp
14. Oil – 2 tbsp
15. Water – as required
16. Salt – to taste
For Marinating
1. Fish Masala Powder – 1 tbsp
2. Ginger Garlic Paste – 1 tbsp
3. Red Chilly Powder – 1 tsp
4. Salt – to taste
Preparation Method
 Wash and clean the fish fillets. Add a pinch of turmeric powder and 1 tbsp lemon juice to water and soak the fish fillets for 5 minutes. Drain and keep aside.Prepare a marinade using the above ingredients and rub it on the fish. Meanwhile peel the shallots and slice it into small round pieces. Soak the tamarind pieces in a cup of warm water. Heat 2 tbsp oil in a deep pan. Add the shallots and saute for a while. Add curry leaves, green chillies, ginger and garlic and saute. Make a paste using chilly powder, fish masala powder and coriander powder adding very little water. Reduce heat and add the paste. Stir for 3-4 minutes until the raw smell disappears. Sprinkle 1/4 tsp fenugreek powder and stir. Add the fish tamarind (kudam puli) pieces along with half of the tamarind water.  Add 2 more cups of water and little salt.Increase heat and bring the gravy to a boil.   Reduce heat to medium and add the fish fillets along with the marinade. Cook uncovered for 15 minutes swirling the pan occasionally.Switch off the stove and cover the pan. Keep this fish curry for atleast 6-7 hours before serving, so that the fish absorbs all the flavors. You can remove a few pieces of kudam puli if you find the gravy to be very sour.

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Prawns Koottu Curry


Fresh Prawns - 1/4 Kg
Drum stick - 2
Tomato - 1
Ash gourd - 1/4 part
Green chilly - 5
Small onion - 10
Potato - 1
Curry leaf - 10
Coconut - 1/2 part
Method of Preparation
Mix the cleaned Prawns (Small prawns will be tasty) with Red chilly powder, salt (as required) and turmeric and keep it for 5 minutes. After that fry the same in a pan until brown colour.Cut all the vegetable mentiond above and boil with the Fried prawns.when it is boiled put curry leaves 6 pcs only and keep it coverd. Jeera and coconut grind well until it is paste. Next add the coconut paste and 1/4 glass curds into the half boiled mix.Stir all for 5 minutes. Last when it is ready to remove from theStove, put the blance 4 curry leaves also. Last fry one Onion (savala) 2 red chilly and curry leaves fry in a Pan and splitter mustard also. Now the Curry is ready. Serce the curry with Pappad. This Curry is good with Basmati Rice.